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FAQ - Vehicle emissions reform

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

In 2015 the Federal Government established a ministerial forum on vehicle emissions to consider possible reforms in three areas: fuel efficiency standards, fuel quality standards and noxious emissions standards.

Eighty per cent of the global vehicle passenger fleet is subject to fuel efficiency standards, but Australia has none.

In Australia in 2016 the average amount of CO2 emitted per kilometre was 182 grams, while the European Union is moving to 100 grams/km by 2021 and in the United States the target is 105 grams/km by 2025.

The timing of such a transition is important as the capital cost to refiners of new standards could be significant. Sudden changes could impact on Australian workers employed in refineries. With this in mind the Federal Government is continuing to consult with industry and experts on vehicle efficiency related issues.

It is important to get the balance right and fully understand the implications of any changes before deciding on a timetable for reform. By consulting widely with key stakeholders the Federal Government will ensure a balanced, evidence-based approach to this important area of public policy.

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