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FAQ - Preschool Funding

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

 •         In addition to the Government’s increased $2.5 billion investment into the new child care package, we have committed around $870 million for preschools in 2018 and 2019.  Funding is locked-in until January 2020.

•         This investment will benefit more than 340,000 children each year.•         As Minister Birmingham has said for months, we extended the National Partnership to give us time to develop a new funding model from 2020 onwards that addresses serious attendance issues with the current model, where around one in three children don’t attend for the full 15 hours, with non-attendance even worse amongst children in high disadvantage cohorts.

•         We will work with the states and territories to make sure that in future agreements, they address the serious issues around attendance in preschool so that children are prepared for a flying start at school.
Preschool attendance for 600 hours in dedicated preschools, 2017 (proportion of children enrolled in dedicated preschools for 600 hours per year, who attend for the full 600 hours.)


 JurisdictionsAll ChildrenIndigenousVulnerable & Disadvantaged
 QLD 75%72%74%
 ACT 59%59%68%

ABS Table Builder using ABS Preschool Education, Australia, 2017 (cat. No.

We won’t be lectured by Labor that:

·         Didn’t commit to long term preschool
funding in their last Budget

·         Did not commit to preschool in their
2016 election plan

·         Is led by someone who did not even
mention preschool in this year’s Budget reply, despite our commitment for an extra
$440 million in 2019.


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