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Congratulatory Messages

Australians who are celebrating a milestone birthday or wedding anniversary can receive personal congratulations from the Prime Minister, Governor-General or The Queen.

Who is eligible for a congratulatory message?

  • The Prime Minister will send a message of congratulations to people turning 90 years of age (or more)
  • The Queen and Governor-General will send a message on a 100th birthday.
  • On request, the Prime Minister and the Governor-General will write again every year and The Queen will write again every five years following the 100th Birthday.
  • The Prime Minister and Governor-General send messages to couples celebrating 50 years of marriage and subsequent wedding anniversaries.
  • The Queen will send messages to couples celebrating 60 years of marriage and will write every five years after that on request.


50th Wedding Anniversary

50th plus Wedding Anniversary

90th Birthday

90th plus Birthday

Prime Minister









100th and every year thereafter

The Queen


60th and every fifth thereafter


100th and every fifth year thereafter

How do I arrange the message?

You can arrange a congratulatory message through the office of John McVeigh by:

  • Calling the office on (07) 4632 4144 ; or
  • Visiting the electorate office at 216 Margaret Street, Cnr Margaret & Duggan Sts, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350 or
  • Completing the submission form below

If you are applying for a message on behalf of a relative or friend who lives in another electorate, their local federal member will be notified so they can send a message too.

You will need to provide supporting documentation such as birth certificates or marriage certificates.
If these are not available you can provide a statutory declaration. Statutory declaration forms are available at any post office or from the electorate office.

You can provide this supporting documentation by:

  • Faxing a copy to the electorate office on (07) 4638 2147; or
  • Posting or hand delivering a copy to the electorate office at 216 Margaret Street, Cnr Margaret & Duggan Sts, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350

Where appropriate, your request to the Prime Minister will be passed on to the Governor-General and The Queen so you only have to make one application.

When should I arrange the message?

You can lodge a request for congratulatory messages up to two months before the celebration.
You can also request a belated message up to one month after the birthday or wedding anniversary has passed.

Where will the message be delivered?

Congratulatory messages can be posted directly to the recipient’s home address or alternatively to care-of address (such as a friend or relative) for surprises.

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